Since July 2007 The Olivero Broadcasting Group has Been providing the best in Internet Radio has to offer. We are Founded on the Idea:




Our Founders were  3 DJ's from THE MIXX RADIO.  Matthew Olivero (DJ OLLIE) Cyndi Crawley (DJ CYN ) and Dawn Collazo (DJ EMPRESS)  Our 1st station was BEST HITS RADIO. (BHR)


In late July 2007 all the staff from the former Jamz Radio joined BHR.  Most of them remain affiliated with the company still today.


In October 2007 We acquired Ravage Radio


In December 2007 We acquired Triple-x-radio


In 2008 We Bought  Crypt Radio and The Hop/Kraze From Justice Hosting



In 2009  Before the Recession we had the Largest Radio Station Rental program on the Internet .. We had over 50 Stations  on 4 servers and 2 Major Affiliates



In 2011 We Finally Acquired  THE MIXX RADIO where our founders started.



In Jan 2014  We Joined Forces with PureSteele Communications.



In September 2014 THE JFL RADIO which was started up to replace the original JFL RADIO  moved to BHR HOSTING.



Through our Hosting Company BHR Hosting, we rent our stations to people  that want to become successful in the Internet radio business.  We also offer a full line up of Hosting and Server Products.



As of 2014 our radio rental program is still running strong. We have outlived most of our peers, Including the Hosting company where we got our Start Justice Hosting.  We also survived through the worst recession in History.



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